Working with Menus in Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio

Adding a Disc Menu

You can add a disc menu by dragging it to the Menu List from Compact Library in the Disc/Author mode.

Note: Each menu design in the library has two variations: main and multipage

Setting Chapters

There are several ways to set menu chapters.

1. Drag from the Menu preview to the Timeline

2. Use the Chapter Wizard to set chapters at Optimal Positions

3. Use the Chapter Wizard to set chapters at Marker locations

4. Use Create or Insert Link buttons on the timeline

5. Drag an Unlinked Chapter from the Timeline to the Menu Preview

6. Drag from the Menu preview to an Unlinked Chapter

Editing a Disc Menu

To edit the actions assigned to the menu’s buttons,you can use the authoring tools provided on the timeline in conjunction with the Player, or you can get some automated help from the Chapter Wizard tool just next to menu in Menu List.

To modify the appearance of a menu (or create one from scratch) you can use the Menu Editor in two ways:

1. Click the Edit button on the Player while previewing the menu

2. Double-click the menu in the Menu List.

For a complete description of all Menu Editor functionality, see the user manual by clicking the Help Button (?) and selecting User Manual. In the manual browse to Chapter 9 – Disc projects.

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