Working with the Media Editor in Avid Studio & Studio 16

Working with the Media Editor in Avid Studio,  Pinnacle Studio 16 & Studio 17.

Studio provides media editors for each of the three main media types: video, photos (and other images), and audio.  The Media Editor provides tools for adding Corrections or Effects to content.

The media editors can be opened to access the available tools in a number of ways from both the Library and the project timeline.

To open from the Library/Organize:

• Double-click the icon or text record of a video, photo or audio asset; or,

• Select the Open in Corrections command from the asset’s context menu.

To open from the Library/Organize Player:

• After clicking the play button on a Library item to open the Library Player, click the gear wheel icon at bottom right.

To open from the project timeline:

• Double-click the clip in the timeline; or,

• Select the Open effects editor command from the clip’s context menu; or,

• Use the context menu Effect -> Edit on the colored strip that appears along the upper edge of clips to which any effects have been applied.

To close the media editor window:

• Click the Cancel button; or,

• Click the close (X) button in the upper right corner. If you have made changes, you will be given a chance to save them.

• Click the OK button.

For a complete description of the Media Editor functionality, see the user manual by clicking the Help Button (?) and selecting User Manual.  In the manual browse to Chapter 4 – Media editing: Corrections.

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