Error Invalid Serial Number during installation

If you get an Error Invalid Serial Number during installation, please do the following:

1. Use all capital letters as some of our serial numbers require case sensitive data entry.

2. If you are copying and pasting your serial number, please make sure that you are not including an additional space at the beginning or end of your serial number.

3. Manually type the serial number.

If you have purchased your product as a download from, you can find your serial number in the confirmation email or at Sign in and select Registered Products.Alternatively,if you purchased directly from, go to Review Your Order Status & History" at the bottom of the page. Select your order number.You will find your download link(s) and serial number(s) on the receipt.

If you purchase a box version, the serial number should be on the sticker on the CD sleeve or jewel case. It will say serial number.
a. Here are some common errors with serial number:

What you see: It can be:
Number Zero ( 0 ) Letter O
Letter W (Double Letter V) V V
Letter S or "B" Number 8
  • Note: It may be hard to distinguish which is needed. Please try both before contacting us.

    b. Pleasecheck that the serial numbermatches the software you are installing. You can check the serial number itself forwhich software it will work with by looking at the first 2 characters on the serial number.

PR Painter
TS/PR PaintShop Pro
VS VideoStudio
WS WordPerfect Standard
WP WordPerfect Professional
WT WordPerfect Home and Student / Legal
PF Painter
PE Painter Essentials
PA Photo Album
Others if you have a serial number that starts with a number, please make sure that you are installing from a the original link or disc. These kinds of serial number do not work for trials.And for legacy products, we no longer support these versions

** If you cannot get the number to work, please contact Customer Service Support We will require proof of ownership in order to assist you. In some cases we may require you to send us an image or photo of the serial number so we can further verify the serial number.

Please note that Corel will replace lost Serial Numbers with proof of original ownership for the current or one previous version. Corel cannot issue serial numbers for software that came pre-installed with a computer or OEM versions.

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  • 1
    john herrmann


  • 1
    Simon Haywood

    The serial number I was supplied with online purchase is not recognized by the system - trying to re-install after hard disc replacement

    Tried above remedies - still does not work

  • 1
    Joel R Crabbe

    Serial number on the CD Sleeve does not work.  Followed all guidance above and it still returns with "Invalid Serial Number".

  • 1
    William Callahan

    Same as above comments - what are your solutions??

    Are you going to reply to these comments?

  • 0

    Error, can't connect to server on the link given to me to download the product even though I have a CD with serial number?


    Agustin Rojas

  • 0
    Jim Swift

    Serial Number on CD sleeve is not being accepted.

  • 1
    Hans Thomsen

    is serial number the same as the key number

  • 1
    Charcoal Productions

    well, i got my wacom yesterday with a serial number for painter essentials... but it doesnt seem to work and doing this didnt help

  • 1
    Verity Cox

    I bought the INTUOS ART and downloaded the supposed free bundle from .. The serial number keeps saying Invalid. How the hell do I contact customer support?

  • 1

    I have Corel Paintshop Pro X5 Ultimate installed on a desktop and am trying to load it on a laptop to use while traveling.  I am getting the error "serial number has already been submitted the maximum number of times for activation".  We had it previously installed on two other computers that are no longer in service.  How do we get this registered on a second machine when the system isn't smart enough to tell when installations are no longer in use?

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