Different ways of printing images in PaintShop Pro

Printing images
Corel PaintShop Pro offers many options to print images. You can print from the Manage,Edit, or Adjustworkspaces. PaintShop Pro also allows you to use a template, or a custom layout to meet specific size and layout requirements.
Templates help you simplify image placement and sizing. You can use templates to print images in standard sizes, including 4 6 inches, 57 inches, and 1015 centimeters. You can use aCorel PaintShop Pro template, or you can create your own custom template from a page layout. Creating your own layouts will give you the flexibility to print images at any size for custom projects such as scrapbooks and collages. For more information about creating layouts, see Creating layouts in the Help.

To print the active image (Edit workspace)
1. Choose File'Print'.
2. In the Printer group box, click Printer. The Print dialog box appears.
3. Choose a printer from the drop-down list, and click OK.
4. Click the Placementtab, and enter the Number ofcopies that will be printed.
5. In the Orientation group box, choose one of the following options: Portrait Landscape
6 . In the Size and Position group box, set any of the following controls: Width and Heightspecify width and height values for the image Scaleresize the image by entering a percentage Fit to pagefits the image to the printed page Center on pagecenters the image on the printed page Upper left of pagepositions the image in the upper-left corner of the printed page Custom offsetlets you enter values in the Left offset and Topoffset boxes
7. Click the Optionstab.
8. In the Print Outputgroup box, choose one of the following options:
Color Greyscale CMYK separations
If you choose the CMYK separations option, you can print CMYK labels on each color plate or page by marking the CMYK platelabels check box in the Print Marksgroup box.
9. Click Print.

'To print a contact sheet ('Manage workspace) 1. In the Organizer Palette, select the files that you want to print.
2. On the Organizer Palette, click the Organizer menu button and choose Print Contact Sheet.
3. Specify the settings you want in the Print Contact Sheetdialog box.
4. Click Print.

To print images by using a template
1. In the Manage or Edit workspace, select thumbnails in theOrganizer palette.
2. Choose File Print Layout. The Print Layout window appears.
3. Click File Open Template. The Templates dialog box appears.
4. In the Category group box, choose a category from the list. Thumbnails of the templates in each category appear in the window on the right. Custom templates that you saved appear under the User Defined category. If the custom template was saved with images, the cells are filled with color.
5. Select a template, and click OK.
Note:If you previously saved images with the template, the images appear in the template cells and in the thumbnail list. Cells are grayed out in the template thumbnail for templates with missing images.
6. Drag images into the template cells. If you want to fill the template with copies of the same image, click a thumbnail and click the Fill Template with Image button .
7. Click File Print.
You can remove an image from a template by selecting the image and pressing Delete. You can also open images by choosing File'Open Image'.

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