What is Quick Import and how is it used

This article applies to Avid Studio, Pinnacle Studio 16 and Pinnacle Studio 17.

Quick Import is another method to bring content into the Library. This could be used if you do not care to have the location the file is located in set as a Watch Folder. Perhaps you know that there is a video file or a few photos in a random location of your hard drive and you want to bring them into the Library.

There are 3 ways to begin the Quick Import process.

Method #1: File > Quick Import

Go to the File menu at the top of Avid Studio and select Quick Import.


Method #2: Fold Folder Button

You can also select the File Folder button below the left-most tab in the Library.


Method #3: Right-click > Quick Import

The last method is to right-click on a blank area of the Library and select Quick Import.

All of these methods lead to the same place, it doesn't matter which one you choose. Once you perform one of the above steps, you will be presented with this screen which allows you to browse to the location of the file(s) that you want to bring into the Library.

You can select any number of files in the specified folder. In this example 3 photos have been selected. To continue, click Open. The files are now added to the Library. You will see them in the Latest Import Collection as well as in the All Media section. In this case, 3 photos were imported, and you can see that they can now be found in the Photos section of the Library.


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