Burning problems with DVD MovieFactory


If you are having trouble burning CDs and DVDs with MovieFactory, read the following tips for some basic troubleshooting

Make sure your CD/DVD burner is properly connected and secure whether it is internal (IDE) or external (USB/Firewire). Double check if your IDE CD/DVD burners are set to DMA mode. Refer to this link for help:

Check if the blank media that you are using is compatible with your burner. Most DVD burner manufacturers list supported brands/models of blank media on their Website. They also release firmware updates to improve reading/writing performance and increase the kinds of supported blank media.

If you have packet writing software that allows you to drag/drop files to your burner directly, try to disable or uninstall it because this type of software can take over the drive when a blank disc is inserted (format disc) causing other programs such as not recognizing a blank disc.

MovieFactory 4 comes with its own packet writing software called Ulead Data-Add driver which you can include during installation. If you have another packet writing program installed in your machine, this may cause conflict with Ulead Data-Add and our burning engine.

The built-in Windows XP packet writing software should not conflict with Ulead's software because it automatically disables itself when a new packet writing utility is installed. It is not recommended to have two or more packet writing software programs installed in one system.

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