Cannot install Painter 11 on Windows 7

When installing Painter by using the autorun off the disk. You may get a transparent window with only the top left corner showing any content. And cannot access the "Install Now" button in the lower right corner.

This is being caused by the Windows Themes, and the feature Aero Glass

If you have this issue please follow the below:

  • Right click on your desktop.
  • Choose Personalize
  • Prior to changing your theme, you can save your own personalized theme by going to My Themes area, click on "Save Theme".
  • In the Themes area, scroll down to the bottom to the Basic & High Contrast themes, Click on Windows 7 Basic to apply the basic theme, this will turn of Aero Glass.
  • Once installed Painter, you can set your theme back to your own personalized theme.
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