Create a Video Project with a 480x720 Resolution (Portrait)


1. Import your video clip(s) into the timeline (main video track). 2. Observe if the video in the viewing pane appears to have black borders on either sides. If it does, double-click on the clip from the video track. Select the Attribute tab from the Options panel and check "Distort Clip". You will notice that nodes would appear on the video from the viewing pane. Drag the nodes to the edge of the viewing pane.

Note: You may skip this step if the video from the viewing pane doesn't have borders on the sides or on the top/bottom.



3. Proceed to edit and make modifications to your video project. 4. Once you are done editing, click on the Share tab, then select Create Video File▸Custom. 5. Select .AVI as the "save as type". Click Options from the set of buttons on the right. 6. Under the Video Save Options window, go to the General tab. Under Frame Size, select "User Defined". Set the width and height to your desired size, in this case --- Width : 480 x Length : 720. Click OK.


7. Click Save then wait until the video finishes rendering.

Note: The User Defined frame size option is only available if you are creating .AVI files. This option is greyed out on any other video format.

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