Avid Studio Activation Key/Unlock Problems


Avid Studio does not use Activation keys in the same way as previous Pinnacle Studio versions. You will not be using activation keys to unlock content or plugins. You may still use activation keys to unlock codecs however.

See this FAQ on how to what content/plug-ins will work with Avid Studio and how to install it.

Avid Studio Compatibility with Previous Studio Version Content

What is a Passport?

A Passport is a unique number assigned to a specific Studio user. Activation Keys are generated to only work with specific Passport numbers.

You can get your passport from the Help menu of Studio.

If you reformat your hard disk or if you install Studio on a new system, you may need a new passport and your activation keys may have to be regenerated.

What is an Activation Key and how is it used?

An activation key is a code generated to unlock specific content for a specific Studio user. It can be entered in Studio by going to (?) > Activation Keys > Enter Activation Keys. The activation key is matched to a specific Passport number.

Case #1: Error - Feature Not Found

In some cases when entering activation keys the error Feature Not Found may occur. This error indicates that the content that you are trying to unlock cannot be found in Studio.

Case #2: Error - "Invalid Activation Key" or "The unlock key is not valid"

In nearly all cases you will not need to use activation keys in Avid Studio. If you do get the error when trying to unlock a codec for instance, this error can occur for a couple of different reasons.

The activation key could have been entered in incorrectly. Carefully check the activation key; it should be 5 block of 5 letters long. The activation key does not match your passport. In this case you will need to get new activation keys to match your current passport.

The following FAQ should help to resolve this problem:

Error message: "Invalid Activation Key", or "The unlock key is not valid" when entering an activation key

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