Backing up your Creator purchase


Backing up your serial number with your installer ensures that you will be able successfully reinstall your software if needed. We recommend that you copy and paste (or type) your serial number into a Notepad file (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad) for safe keeping and name it something easy to recognize such as "Creator 2011 Serial Number".

We also recommend backing up your serial number by registering your product. When you register your product, you'll create an account where yo can store your current and previous software purchases of Roxio software if you should ever need to reinstall.

Backup your installer from downloaded file (.exe)

  1. Launch your Creator suite.
  • Click on the Data tab (Data and Backup on Creator 10) in the Project Pane and then select Data Disc.
    Creator 2009 and 2010 users: Go to the Data-Copytab, then select Burn Data Disc.
  • Drag the downloaded file and your saved serial number file into the Data Disc window or click on Add Data> Add Files to select the file.
  • Insert a blank disc.
  • If desired, type a name for your disc in the Volume Label text box at the top of the project window.
  • Click the Burn button.

Backup your installer from disc(s)

  1. Launch your Creator suite.
  • Click on the Copy tab in the Project pane and then select Copy Disc.
  • Insert the Creator disc into the drive and click the Burn button to copy.
  • When copying is done, remove the Creator disc and insert a blank disc.
  • Click the Burn button.
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