Changing menu styles in MyDVD or Creator


  1. LaunchEasy Media Creator Home.
  • Click on the Video tab in the Project Pane and then select MyDVD Express. Show Me
  • In MyDVD Express window, click the Add New Movie button. In MyDVD Express - Add New Moviedialog box, select the movie(s) and click Add button when done. Show Me

    Tip: To select more than one file at a time, press and hold the Controlkey while you select the files.

Click on the Change Menu Style button. In theSelect Menu Style dialog box, choose the desired style and then click OK. You can also use your own background by clicking on the Change Menu Background. Show Me


New Slideshow: To add a slideshow to your DVD.
New CineMagic: To add CineMagic movie to your DVD.
Trim Movie: To trim unwanted frames from the beginning and end of your movies.
Project Settings: To customize the project settings.
Edit in MyDVD: To continue working on your project using more advanced editing features in MyDVD.

  • Click Create Disc to burn your DVD to disc. Show Me
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