How to use Easy Audio Capture in Creator 2009


Recording Audio in Full Mode

  • Launch Easy Audio Capture by clicking on Capture Audio from Sound Card in Creator's Music - Audio tab.
  • Set the following options:
    • Capture From: Select your sound card from the list.
    • Input (Windows XP only): Select your audio input channel. For example, if you want to record from a Line In input, select Line In.

      Note: Some sound card drivers do not support the Stereo Mix or Wave Mix Out Input option (the name of this option varies depending on the sound card). This option captures analog audio (such as Internet radio). If you need it, check to see if an updated device driver is available for your sound card.
    • Recording Level: Drag the slider to increase or decrease the recording volume.

      Adjust the recording level so that the meter indicators light up only to the middle of the meter, passing the middle only occasionally. If all of the meter indicators stay lit persistently, the recording level has passed the zero dB clipping point, and is too hot.

      Tip:If you want Easy Audio Capture to automatically find a recording level that does not clip, click Auto. If clipping occurs, Easy Audio Capture reduces the recording level.
    • Balance: Drag the slider to balance the audio level between the left and right speakers.
    • Capture settings:Select the output file format. The format you choose will depend on how you plan to use the audio clip. To define customized settings, including file format, encoder type, and bit rate, select Custom and click Options to define the custom settings.
    • Save to: Browse to the folder in which you want to save the new audio file.
    • File name prefix: Enter a name for the audio files. Easy Audio Capture uses the text you enter to begin the file name for each recorded audio file. For example, if you are recording several audio files and enter Audio, the recorded files are named Audio, Audio_1 and so on.
  • Start playing your source audio.
  • Click Recordto start recording.

Tip: If you limited the recording time in the Capture Settings dialog box, and you want to extend the recording time, click "+" (beside Time left to record) for each additional minute that you want to record.

  • When the analog source finishes playing, click Stop to stop recording.
  • When you finish recording, click Close.

Recording Audio in Mini Mode

You can reduce the size of Easy Audio Capture to a compact mini version by clicking on the collapse button in the lower right corner.

  1. Click the Options button (next to the level meters) and customize capture options, including file format, encoder type, bit rate, and file location.
  • Click Record to start recording.
  • Click Stopto stop recording.
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