Working with disc images iso in Easy Media Creator 8 9 and 10


1. To create a Disc Image in MyDVD 8, 9 or 10, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Burn button, or choose File --> Burn Project to Disc
  • Uncheck the Burn to Disc option
  • Check the Save disc image file option
  • Click on the Browse button
  • On the Save to image file window that opens, choose the file path you want to save your image file to. Ensure that the Files of Type is set to ISO. Choose a name that you were recognize for your ISO file. Click on Save. Click on the Burn button to create your ISO disc image.

2. To preview your Disc Image in Disc Image Loader:

If you have used Disc Image Loader before, you can right click on the ISO file and choose the Load option to load the Disc Image in your Virtual Drive. If you have not used the Disc Image Loader, the steps below will assist you in configuring it.

  • Launch Disc Image Loader. On the Home menu, this is found under the Tools option.
  • If you have not done so already, you will need to create a drive latter. In this case, a Message box will pop up that there is No Drive... click on the OK button to create a drive.
  • You can create a drive using the next drive letter, or choose a drive letter to assign. ClickOK .
  • A message box will appear that says No disc images... If you want the software to search your hard drive for ISO files, click OK. If you prefer to add ISO files manually, click on Cancel.
  • You have now configured Disc Image Loader. You can load disc images in your virtual drive by highlighting your disc image, and clicking the Load button, or by Right Clicking on the ISO through Windows and using the Load option.

The Loaded ISO image will appear in My Computer as a CD or DVD drive, and if you have Autorun enabled on your computer, the disc will load.

3. To burn your Disc Image using Disc Copier (Video Copy and Convert on Creator 10):

  • Launch Disc Copier. On the Home Menu, Disc Copier is located under Copy. Choose theCopy DVD Movies option.
  • If this is your first time using Disc Copier, you will see a warning regarding copying Copyrighted material. You can click on the Don't show me this again option and click OKto prevent it from coming up each time you launch the program.
  • Ensure that you have CD & DVD Copy selected
  • On the Source side of the window, use the pull down to select Browse for Disc Image/DVD Video folder
  • On the Media Selector window, browse for your ISO file. You can use the Folder tab at the top left to browse your hard drive. Select your ISO file and click on OK.
  • On the Destination side of the window, ensure that you have your DVD Writer selected, and a blank DVD in the drive.
  • Click on the Copy Now button.
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