Copy a Data Disc

  • Copy a data disc on CD, DVD or Blu-ray by going to the Creator Home screen. Click the Data-Copy tab and choose Copy Disc.
  • Insert the disc you want to copy in your computer. Creator will tell you what type of disc it is (e.g. CD/DVD, single or dual layer, etc.) below the Copy From box.
  • Check your copy options by clicking the Options button at the upper right. Note: for data discs, it's best to check off the "Verify copied data discs" box.
  • Choose your output drive using the Copy To drop-down menu.
  • Click the green arrow Copy button to start the process.
  • Wait for the temporary disc image to be saved to the drive you selected in step #4 (or your hard drive if that is the only drive you have).
  • Insert a blank disc into your computer and click 'OK on the Roxio Creator window.
  • Wait for the disc to burn; you can watch the progress or let it continue in the background as you work on other tasks.
  • Once your project is complete you can click Finish to close the program or Make Another to burn a copy to another disc. You can also click Label Disc to go directly to Creator's Disc Labeler program.
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