How to remove background using The Cutout Lab in Photo Paint X6

The Cutout Lab lets you cut out image areas from the surrounding background. This feature allows you to isolate image areas and preserve edge detail, such as hair or blurred edges.
1. Open the photo you want to remove the background from.

a. Click on File on the Menu bar.

b. Select Open from the drop down list.

c. Locate your photo in the Open an Image window, select it, then click Open button.

2. Click Image on the Menu bar, then select Cutout Lab from the drop down list.

3. Click the Highlighter tool, or press F5 on your keyboard.

a. You can customize the thickness of the Highlighter tool by adjusting the nib size in the tool options.

If an image area has hard edges, you can use a thinner line to define its edges more precisely. Conversely, if an image area has blurred or wispy edges that are hard to define, you can use a thicker line.

b. You can change the highlight color and the fill color to make them more visible.

4. In the preview window, draw a line along the edges of the image area that you want to cut out.

Note: If you make a mistake while drawing a line along the edges of the image, you may use the following options to fix what was drawn:

a. Use the Eraser tool (X) to erase the drawn line.

b. Or, use the Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Shift+Z) the sections of the highlighted and filled area.

5. Click the Inside fill tool (F), and click inside the area you want to cut out.

6. Now click on the Preview button.

To evaluate the results, you can preview the cutout with the background removed or against a background of gray, white, or black.

You also have the options to touch up the cutout.

a. Use the Add detail tool (A) to bring back the deleted parts along the edges of the image.
b. Use the Remove detail tool (R) to delete unwanted detail along the edges of the image.

7. From the Cutout results area, choose any of the following options:

  • Cutout creates an object from the cutout and discards the original image
  • Cutout and original image creates an object from the cutout and preserves the original image
  • Cutout as clip mask creates a clip mask from the cutout and attaches the clip mask to the original image. If a cutout is created from a background image, the background is converted to an object.

8. Click Ok.


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