How to create an image with a transparent background

Step 1

Open an image into Edit mode. This can be done by selecting an image in Manage mode and then click on the Edit tab. You can also, while in Edit mode, click File and then Open and browse for a the appropriate picture you desire.

Step 2
Create a transparency around the desired object. This can be accomplished by many different ways. One way would be to use the Eraser tool and erase the picture surrounding the object. Another way to do it is by using the Object Extractor tool as shown in the picture below:

To segregate the object from the rest of the image, you will need to trace it with the Brush tool, and then fill it with the Fill Tool. When done, click the Process button, and then OK. The next image should be show you what the image will look like:

Step 3
To save your image with a transparent background, you would need to save it as either a .pspimage or a .png file. Saving the image as a .pspimage will allow you to maintain all layers in your project. However, a pspimage file can only be opened, viewed or edited only in PaintShop Pro. No other photo editing software is capable of opening up this file type. Saving it as a .png file willallow you to use the image inside oroutside of Paintshop Pro.

Click File > Save/Save As:




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