Program-freeze when importing selected PDF file


Cannot open or import pdf file in Corel Draw X5 or Corel Draw X6

The program will stop responding when importing certain pdf file in Corel Draw X5 or Corel Draw X6. Possible reason is that the file was not properly converted or it could be a compression issue.
PDF file format is supported by Corel draw X5 please click here and for Corel Draw x6 please click here to view information for supported files.

This is not a known issue since the program supports the file type however as a work around you can convert or save the pdf file in PDF fusion and then try importing again using Corel Draw X5 or Corel Draw x6.

You can download a trial version of PDF Fusion on this link please click here
Please note that if you have a Word Perfect X6 Professional or Legal version you don't need to download PDF Fusion since it is already bundled with this versions of Word Perfect.

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