Backup and Recovery in CorelDRAW X6

Backup and Recovery in Corel Draw X6

This article will show you that the program can automatically save backup of cdr files and prompt you to recover them in the event of a system error.

The auto-backup feature saves drawings that you have opened and modified. During any working session with CorelDRAW, you can set the time interval for automatically backing up files and specify whether you want the files to be saved in your temporary folder (the default location) or in a specified folder.

You can recover the backup files from the temporary or specified folder when you restart CorelDRAW after a system error. If you choose not to recover the backup file, it is automatically erased when you quit the application.

To specify auto-backup settings 

1. Click Tools Options.

2. In the Workspace list of categories, click Save.

3. Enable the Auto-backup every check box, and choose a value from the Minutes list box.

4. In the Always back up to area, enable one of the following options:

• Users temporary folder — lets you save an auto-backup file in the temporary folder

• Specific folder — lets you specify the folder for an auto-backup file


Auto-backup files are named auto_backup_of_filename and can be saved in any folder you specify. Backup files are created when you save a drawing. They are named backup_of_filename and are always stored in the same folder as the original drawing.

All open or modified files that are not in CorelDRAW (CDR) file format are backed up as CorelDRAW files.

To recover a backup file

1. Restart CorelDRAW.

2. Click OK in the file recovery dialog box that appears.

The file recovery dialog box appears upon startup after a system error.

3. Save and rename the file in the specified folder.

Recovered files are named GraphicsX.cdr, where X is the numbered increment.

If you click Cancel, CorelDRAW ignores the backup file and deletes it when you quit the application.


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