Access denied you do not have the rights to do this when saving a WordPerfect wpd file


The "Access denied: you do not have the rights to do this" prompt is often a result ofnetwork issues. The file that is being accessed is from a shared drive from a network. Make sure that full rights or permissions are granted to the save folder.

It is possible thatthe file is open in another Office apllication such as Microsoft Office Word. If so, the file will only bein a read-only mode and youwill not be able towrite or make any changes to it.

Anotherpossibility is that the file is being accessed from the shared drive at the same time you are attempting to save it. Again,it will only bein a read-only mode and you will not be able to write or make any changes to the file.

To resolve this issue, restart WordPerfect and close any other open word processing programs on your system. If the problem persists, restart your computer.

In ordernot to lose thechanges you have done on the document,save the file with a unique filename which should not be the same as the original filename. You may then access the file later and continue to make changes to it.

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    Kyron Horton

    I get this message "Access denied: you do not have rights to do this" every time I open an existing file and try to modify it.  I can save a new file only.  I am using Wordperfect x7, service pack 1, on Windows 10, and this just started recently, after months of working properly.

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    Timothy Vang

    I have the same problem as Kyron Horton. I had it since using WordPerfect x7 and have never been able to resolve it. I thought buying version x8 would solve the problem but it does not. The instruction given by Corel staff above does not solve the problem either. Real frustrated.

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    James P. Davidson

    First of all, the WP Tech Support has been outstanding in its efforts to help with this problem. 

    I am a lawyer, and I use Amicus Attorney.  Last year, they labored to get me to upgrade.  "Your version is old and we aren't providing support for it any more."  Oh, by the way . . .  I had to switch to Windows 10. 

    I also got my secretary a new machine.  Hers had been the server.  We reestablished our wifi network (new name) and Installed Windows 10 Pro on my notebook and the server.

    Until we did that there were NO "ACCESS DENIED" problems. 

    The solutions set forth above did not work.  Restarting the computer did not work.  Reinstalling Wordperfect (X8) did not.  My second secretary uses Windows 7 with Wordperfect X5, and now she is getting the same ACCESS DENIED problem. 

    I had thought it was a network problem, but it happens when I am away from the office and using the computer as a standalone.

    Of course, when my tech support guy from Corel remotely accessed my computer, the doggone thing worked like a dream!

    PLEASE!!! Someone help figure this out.

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    I have been having the same problem for the last few months. I am working on a stand alone computer so no network is involved. Often I make changes to a file and then have to save it with a different name which really makes life difficult. Like James says "Somebody help"

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    Robert in Vancouver

    This is an ongoing frequent problem even if I do everything Corel recommends on this webpage. I have been a loyal Wordperfect user since the programme first came out many many years ago. But I just bought a copy of Word and will be migrating to it over the coming weeks because of this time wasting frustrating un-solvable un-fixable problem.

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