Corel Painter Tour for Adobe Photoshop users Part 2

Notes for Users of Adobe Photoshop

If you have previously worked with Adobe Photoshop, you may notice the differences in the tools and terminology of Corel Painter. This section describes these differences

and provides additional tips to help you move smoothly between these applications.

Certain terms and concepts in Corel Painter differ from those of similar features in

Adobe Photoshop. The following table lists some common terms in Photoshop with

their equivalent terms in Corel Painter.

Adobe Photoshop term

Corel Painter term



Adjustment layer




Blending mode

Composite method

Indexed color mode

Web-safe color palette

Smart Object

Reference layer

Layer effect

Dynamic plug-ins

Layer style

Composite method







Comparing Tools in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop

The following table lists Adobe Photoshop tools and the corresponding Corel Painter

tools. Many of these tools create similar results but operate slightly differently. For

that reason, we also provided the title of the corresponding help topic that describes

the Corel Painter tool.


Adobe Photoshop tool

Corel Painter tool

For more information

Actions palette

Scripts panel

See "Understanding the Scripts Panel" in the Help

Blur tool

Focus effect

See "Using Focus Effects" in the Help

Burn tool

Burn tool See

"Dodging and Burning" in the Help

Clone Stamp tool

Rubber Stamp tool

See "Performing Offset Sampling" in the Help

Crop tool

Crop tool

See Cropping Images in the Help

Dodge tool

Dodge tool

See Dodging and Burning in the Help

Drop shadow

Drop shadow

See Adding Drop Shadows in the Help

Elliptical Marquee tool

Oval Selection tool

See Creating Path-Based Selections in the Help

Eyedropper tool

Dropper tool

See Sampling Colors From Images in the Help

Filter Gallery

Effects menu

See Applying Effects in the Help

Freeform Pen tool

Quick Curve tool

See Using the Quick Curve Tool in the Help

Gradient tool

Gradients panel Gradient fill, available with the Paint Bucket tool

See Applying Gradients in the Help

Hand tool

Grabber tool

See Repositioning Images in the Help

Lasso tool

Lasso tool

See Creating Path-Based Selections in the Help


Magic Wand tool

Magic Wand tool

See Creating Pixel-Based Selections in the Help

Move tool

Move mode of Transform tool

See Moving Selections in the Help

Paint Bucket tool

Paint Bucket tool

See Exploring Painting Media in the Help

Path Selection tools

Shape Selection tools

See Editing Shapes in the Help

Pen tool

Pen tool

See Using the Pen Tool in the Help

Polygon Lasso tool

Polygonal Selection tool

See To make a freehand selection in the Help

Rectangular Marquee tool

Rectangular Selection tool

See Creating Path-Based Selections in the Help

Type tool

Text tool

See Adding Text in the Help

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