Create a Mosaic Text Effect in CorelDRAW


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a mosaic text effect in CorelDRAW.




What You Will Learn

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use:

  • The Text Tool
  • The Fountain Fill tool
  • The PowerClip tool

1.To begin with, click on the Text tool and type a word in this example, we will be using the name Roger. This will serve as your text placeholder later on in this project. Set the font face to Arial Black and then set its object size to 8 x 1.5 inches. Next, press P on your keyboard to set its alignment to center.



2.Now, create a paragraph text using the Text tool. Resize the paragraph text frame to 10 x 6 inches.


3.Fill in the paragraph text with the same text that you used in your placeholder.


4.In the Object Properties docker, center the text and set the line spacing to 75%and the word spacing to 60%.


5.Set the fill type to Fountain Fill and apply the rainbow color (or any one of the other custom fills) to the paragraph text.



6.Next, rotate it by going to the Angle of Rotation in the property bar and setting the value to15 degrees.


7.While the paragraph text is still selected, go to the Effects menu and select Powerclip > Place Inside Frame and then place it at the center of the placeholder.



8.Finally, while the placeholder is still selected, remove its color by clicking on the No Color swatch in the Color Palette.


9.If you want to change the color, you can do so by going to the Object Manager docker and selecting the Paragraph text.

10.Next, go to the Object Properties docker and change the color of the Fountain fill to whichever you desire.

And that's how you make a Mosaic Text Effect in CorelDRAW.

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