Creating 3D Effect Using Drop Shadow in CorelDraw X6

A three-dimensional (3D) object appears to be more realistic than a two-dimensional (2D) one.

There are various ways and tricks we can make to create the impression of 3D depth in an image. Some of the most common means to do this is adding contour, perspective, bevel, extrusion or drop shadow effects. In this article, we will learn how to create a 3D effect to an object through Drop Shadow.

Drop shadow is frequently used to create 3D depth in a 2D image. It can be made by making an offset shadow behind an object to show that it is suspended or floating above the background.

To add a drop shadow

1. In the toolbox found on the left side of the screen, click the Drop shadow tool 

2. Click the object.

3. Drag from the center or side of the object until the drop shadow is the size you want.

4. Specify the attributes on the Property bar.

  • Drop Shadow Offset - To set the distance between the drop shadow and the object.
  • Drop Shadow Angle - To set the direction of the drop shadow.
  • Drop Shadow Opacity - To adjust the transparency of the drop shadow.
  • Shadow Feathering - To sharpen or soften the edges of the drop shadow.
  • Feathering Direction - To soften the shadows edges toward the inside of the shadow, toward the outside of the shadow, or both of the direction.
  • Feather Edge - To choose the feathering type.
  • Shadow Fade - To adjust the amount of fading at the edges of the drop shadow.
  • Shadow Stretch - To adjust the length of the drop shadow.
  • Transparency Operation - To choose how the color of the drop shadow blends with the color of the underlying object.
  • Shadow Color - To choose the color of the drop shadow.

A Drop Shadow can dramatically change the appearance of an object when it is properly applied. For best results, use a drop shadow on white or very light background.

If you want to revert the image to its original state you can remove the effect in few easy steps.

To remove a drop shadow

1. Select an object’s drop shadow.
2. Click EffectsClear drop shadow.

You can also remove a drop shadow from an object by clicking the Clear drop shadow button  on the property bar.


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