Currently Supported Roxio Products

Corel supports the following Roxio products:
  • Creator NXT 6
  • Creator NXT 6 Pro
  • Creator NXT 5
  • Creator NXT 5 Pro
  • Creator NXT 5 Platinum
  • Creator NXT 4 Platinum 
  • Creator Gold 9 and 10
  • Creator Silver 9 and 10
  • Creator Palladium 9 and 10
  • Creator Starter
  • Toast 14, 15, 16 Pro
  • Toast 14, 15, 16 Titanium
  • Roxio Game Capture
  • Roxio Game Capture HD PRO
  • Easy VHS to DVD (Windows 7 compatible version)
  • Easy VHS to DVD 3, 3 Plus
  • Easy VHS to DVD for Mac
  • CinePlayer DVD Decoder for XP, Vista
  • Easy CD and DVD Burning (Windows 7 compatible version)
  • Easy LP to MP3
  • Photoshow Premium Service
  • RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier
  • Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise 4
  • Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise 2
  • Video Copy and Convert 5
  • MyDVD VideoLab HD


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    Peter Converse
    I've struggled a lot with Roxio as a Mac user. I've recently purchased Toast 14 and was hoping to find Audio Assist comparable to Spin Doctor (SD). Spin Doctor stopped working on my Mac several years ago, so I gave up. I had hope that Audio Assist was its successor. Unless I'm doing something wrong or the software didn't load properly, I cannot find any effective editing tools, as advertised. 

    I'd be grateful for any help. I do not see a link here to access the one-time 14 day maintenance support. 

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    Support is challenging and impacts the effectiveness of the Roxio product!




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    Kevin Lewis

    not sure what the problem is - I've used several audio capture programs including spin doctor - opening the audio assist program selecting the source and picking from the advanced menu various options for your capture similar to all the other programs is pretty self explanatory altho I have not used it yet as I just got toast 14 pro yesterday - I have about 100 left of over 3000 albums I've imported so will try audio assistant soon but have backups if it doesn't work well enough - it appears altho the sample rate changes with the media being used the bits per channel is stuck at 16 and I do not see a way to increase it to 24 or whatever - also I do not see how to increase the bit rate or change that in any way either - I would prefer to do 320 rather than 256 but assume that by choosing cd quality the program will set the bit rate automagically - good luck

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    Jay L Toubman

    Hey, 'Guys' . . .

    Bought Toast14 PRO, PHYSICAL DISC version. I use El Capitan on my iMac desktop.

    Would NOT 'load' and do its 'thing' when inserted into my iMac 'SuperDrive'!

    Works like a charm when I insert the disc into my LaCie LightScribe d2 burner/player!!!

    'THEY' sent another 'disc' . . .


    And, the 'chat threads' with "Customer Support"???

    I was more 'successful' just trying different things, all on my own.

    YES, I still have the chat pages to back-up the 'comedy show' I describe, that I've been through for about a week, now.


    I do NOT remember ROXIO being so 'BAD', prior to being acquired by COREL!!

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    Do you not have a program with Roxio Cineplay for Windows 10?  Can you recommend a program that will play videos on Windows 10 if you do not support one?


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    Anthony Beaty

    I purchased a Roxio easy CD&DVD burning software and downloaded it but WILL NOT PLAY IN DVD PLAYER AFTER BURNING!  I need help with this as it is not doing what it's supposed to do and will need to return product if the issue is not corrected. I see alot of other comments on here are the same so if you can't fix the problem I need to return. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Anthony Beaty

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    Danny Hoad

    I have been using Roxio for several years now.  It has been great except for the past few months.  I am now using NXT4 after upgrading from creator 9, 10, and NXT 3.  I have created several DVDs from old VHS tapes of all my grandchildren for the past 18 years using the roxio video capture usb.  In the past 2 weeks I have been trying to get this device to work again.  The capture works just fine for the video, but after a short period of time the sound goes from good quality to a quality one would hear in a large concrete room with no furniture or padded walls - serious echos - and only during the capture process.  In a VHS player, the sound is great.  Is it possible that the video capture device is finally failing after all of these tapes? 

    Edited by Danny Hoad
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