WordPerfect crashes when attempting to save a document.

Attempts to save the document causes WordPerfect to crash. The backup copy also could not be retained.

The crash can be prevented by disabling the Enhanced File Dialogs.

1) Start WordPerfect.

2) Select Tools | Settings.

3) Select Files.

4) Uncheck the "Use enhanced file dialogs" box.

5) Click Apply. OK.

6) Click Close.


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    Dick Hatz

    I have WP Ofc  x5 and x7 and have tried x8. All of them crash sometimes but 7 and 8 do it more often than 5. I have one file that will crash the system about 10 - 20% of times, after I save the file, when I close it. Other times the system will crash with the first file that I open after starting Quattro  -  the file will appear to open OK but as soon as I try to do anything, such as editing a cell, when I hover the cursor over the cell and click the mouse. Sometimes closing Quattro and re-starting it helps, but other times I have to re-boot Windows.  Running this on a Dell with an I7 processor, recently upgraded to Win 10 (on the last day) but that does not seem to make any difference.

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    We used to have that same problem.  I think the key is to "generate" it always just before you try to save it.  Good luck.

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