Error: 38 - WordPerfect Office files have been damaged or modified. Please reinstall from your original source.


To solve the Error 38 issue or crash on launch under XP for WordPerfect Office X7 Trial, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Restart your computer

2. Download and unzip two files from this link:

Filenames are: PSIClient.dll

3. Copy the PSIClient.dll file to:

for a 32-bit OS copy to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\WordPerfect Office X7\Programs
for a 64-bit OS copy to: C:\Program Files\Corel\WordPerfect Office X7\Programs

4. Double-click on LicensingService.exe, which will be installed automatically.

You can now launch WordPerfect Office X7 Trial successfully.


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    Fred Johnson

    I need to download X8 to correct error 38

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    Fred Johnson

    Why is this so difficult?  If I had the disc I could have done what is directed by the error message and been on my way.  I don't need articles written for knowledgable computer types, I need you folks to download X8, just as you did when I bought it.

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    Michael J Conlan

    This has been the worst tech support I have ever experienced.  Why don't you people have some way to correct this error 38 for people who are not experts in computers.  I have used Word Perfect 5X for years as a lawyer and it was used by all lawyers.  Then I got Microsoft 10 and I had to purchase a Word Perfect 8X for $158.00 and you installed it.  Now, I have this error message and have spent countless hours emailing your tech non-support, customer dis-service people and finally I get a "Fix" that I'm sure most customers who are not tech support people themselves cannot manage.  I have been trying since December 17th and it is now December 26 and no one has called me or offered any kind of help.  Is there not some way someone can remotely go on my computer and fix the problem?  My ticket number is3976963.

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    Milton Alvis

    Has not worked for licensed WordPerfect X8 installed several months ago and working without this error for several months.

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