What is Mac2TiVo

What is Mac2TiVo?

Mac2TiVo will convert files from a Quicktime supported format to an MPEG2 file that the TiVo can play and store on the TiVo. If the file is already in MPEG2 format the TiVo will just copy the file to the device. Mac2Tivo is not for moving TiVo files back to the TiVo.

Tips for Using Mac2TiVo

Make sure you have network applications enabled on the TiVo (please contact TiVo to see how to do this). After that, once you start Mac2Tivo and its server.

Note: You will need to launch Mac2TiVo then click on Start Server to start sharing video with TiVo unit, your Mac will appear in the Now Playing list on your TiVo. It will not show up in the same place as the network applications do. The files are stored on the TiVo's Now Playing list until you remove them.

Your computer and the TiVo must be in the same networking zone (connected through the same router or wireless network). If you have computers across different routers that define their own sub-networks and are simply just extending the network, your TiVo and your Mac will not see each other.


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