PX Engine Description and Download

  • The Roxio/Sonic Solutions PX Engine is what enables burning and compatibility of optical media such as CDs and DVDs.
  • A PX Engine update ensures the greatest compatibility with the latest drives and media.
  • Each release of the PX Engine is backwards compatible with all previous versions of Sonic software and most Roxio software.

    Here is a list of compatible software titles:
    • Easy Media Creator 7.5 and higher
    • VideoWave 8 and higher
    • MyDVD - all versions
    • RecordNow - all versions
    • DVD for Photostory
    • DVDit - all versions
    • BackUp MyPC - all versions
    • Simple BackUp - all versions

Download: PX Engine 4.18.16a (updated 8.18.09)

To install the PX Engine update:

  1. Download the latest version here to your desktop.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Double click the .exe installer and follow the on screen instructions.

    Note: The PX Engine installer may require a reboot after installation.


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