Studio 12 Patch History

Pinnacle Studio 12.1 Release Update for Pinnacle Studio version 12.0 users

Pinnacle recommends installing the 12.1 Update for all 12.0 or 12.0.1 versions of Pinnacle Studio, Studio Plus and Studio Ultimate.

  • Once installed, the Studio 12.1 Update cannot be uninstalled separately, but only with a complete uninstall of the full Studio 12 installation.
    To get back to Pinnacle Studio 12.0 (or 12.0.1), this needs to be installed again after the full uninstall process is completed.
  • You can download Studio 12.1 patch from the Studio 12 Download Area
  • The Studio 12.1 Update contains major enhancements on supported file formats with the added support of the Quicktime .mov formats. In addition it contains usability improvements, improved performance in the Album for - but not restricted to - AVCHD editing, and various bugfixes.

Enhancements and Improvements are included as listed below:

  • Support for movies recorded on Digital Still Cameras or Digital Camcorders in QuickTime .mov formats.
    Formats include AVC1, MPEG4, H.264 and MJPEG codecs.
    The files can be accessed, like with other files, by browsing the Album to the location or by drag&drop to the Album.
  • Export to QuickTime .mov files in SD standard resolutions.
    This enables exporting a project created in Pinnacle Studio to a QuickTime .mov file using DV, MPEG4 or MJPEG codecs and up to a resolution of 1024x576.
    Click on the Files button in the Make Movie tab and select QuickTime mov
  • Options for the Pinnacle Studio training video tutorials:
    Direct online access to the training tips, show the actual training tip or receive update messages for new training tips.
    Under Help select Online Training for these options.


  • Montage themes:
    - Improved trimming for outgoing video
    - Updated Inlay at trimming
  • Improved M2T file support
  • Improved Sanyo Xacti support
  • Improved AVCHD editing
  • Improved Album performance for Picon display
  • Usability improvements:
    - Workflow for Capture and Import
    - At disc burn, the last selected folder for disc image is saved and restored


  • Fixed: In certain cases capture is not possible if the file name is Russian or Chinese.
  • Fixed: Pinnacle Video Transfer files may show issues on >5-year old AMD systems.
  • Fixed: In certain cases, canceling the file creation process shows a runtime error.
  • Fixed: In Czech language Studio installations, issue with burning Blu-ray discs.
  • Fixed: In certain cases, issue with lost audio when importing from DVD.
  • Fixed: In certain cases, issue with burning a BD-MV (AVC) image.
  • Fixed: Lower quality of standard non-animated DVD menus.
  • Fixed: Picons and checkerboard background for Montage templates in Timeline
  • Fixed: Issue with Speed tool combined with noise reduction
  • Fixed: Volume LED display sync
  • Fixed: Issue with DVD Import of non-finalized discs
  • Fixed: Preview when grabbing and saving a frame from a DV device
  • Fixed: DVD created by Liteon DVD Recorder imports with longer duration
  • Fixed: Issue with 90 minute capture with IDVDr and XP-SP3, USB-710, VCR
  • Fixed: In certain cases DVD menu editing may clear Return to Menu markers
  • Fixed: Trim points may get lost when editing the "speed" of a clip a second time
  • Fixed: Preview on 2nd monitor in full resolution may freeze in certain cases
  • Fixed: HFX transition list may not be refreshed
  • Fixed: In certain cases, trimming a clip in Trim Window may give random results
  • Fixed: Difference between volume changes in toolbox and timeline
  • Fixed: In certain cases, issue with clicking on the Uranus effect in HFX Vol 2
  • Fixed: DVC100: In certain cases, the device may show incorrect capture device name (32Bit) or drop frames at capture (64Bit)
  • several additional fixes


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