VideoStudio Pro - Patches and Updates

Keep your version of the product up to date by downloading the latest service packs listed below. These service packs address the most common issues and should be installed if you are encountering technical issues before contacting support.

If you are not sure what product version or build number you are using, you can find out by following these simple instructions.




VideoStudio X9

VideoStudio X8

VideoStudio Pro X7

VideoStudio X6

VideoStudio X5

DVD MovieFactory 7

DVD MovieFactory 6


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  • 0
    Jesse Scott

    Perfect, just want I was looking for.

  • 1
    Eric Daleboudt

    Why not mail us that a fix is available, now I had to make a ticket.

  • 0
    Vaughn Smith

    Crap like this is nearly enough to make me turn off updates. What a crock that a perfectly good app just stops working with absolutely no message. If I wrote code like this, I'd be fired.

  • 0
    Mark Headrick

    Is there a patch to make VideoStudio X9 Ultimate work without crashing constantly?

  • 0
    William Suckling

    will Corel video studio Pro4 work on windows7? I have had now for some time and now it wont work with no changes to my system apart from usual ms windows updates.


    Edited by William Suckling
  • 1
    William Suckling there any one there?


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