How to create a multi session CD in Easy CD & DVD Creator 6

In Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, if you write one session and DID NOT finalize the disc, you will be able to add additional sessions to that CD. To add additional sessions to the CD, follow the listed procedure below:

  1. Open Creator Classic.
    1. Double click on the Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 icon on the desktop.
    2. Click on the Creator Classic icon.


  • Adding additional files.
    1. Insert the CD that you previously record to into the CD/DVD Recorder drive.
    2. Click on the Data button to open a new data project.
    3. On the top half of the window, select the source where the new files you want to add are located and drag and drop them to the bottom half of the window of your data project.
    4. A window should then appear indicating that there are previous files on the CD and prompt if you want to add your new data to the disc.
    5. Click the Yes button, and Creator Classic will add your new files and show you the files already located on the CD.
    6. Click on the Burn To Disc icon on the bottom right hand side of the window, this will bring up a Record Setup window.
    7. If you want to leave the disc open so you can record additional sessions later, then under the Record Methods section, ensure there is a dot beside the Don't Finalize Disc option. If you want to close the disc and not write anymore files to it, select the Finalize Discoption.
    8. Click the OK button to start the recording process.
    9. When you now access your CD in Windows, you will see the files from both sessions.
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