Export to MPEG 2 HD file formats hangs in Avid Studio 1.1

In Avid Studio 1.1 there are some cases where exporting a long project to file will cause the export process to hang. This has been identified to occur when exporting to MPEG-2 HD formats such as MPEG-2 HD 1080i, and MPEG-2 HDV 1080i. The following steps should resolve the problem.


Step 1: Download hotfix.exe.

Step 2: Run hotfix.exe

Step 3: Enter the correct installation folder for Avid Studio. It automatically fills in the default Avid Studio location, you only need to change this if you installed to a custom folder.


Step 4: Click Yes. The fix will be applied.

Step 5: Restart Studio and try the export process again.


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