The autosave file is not valid or has been damaged.





You will need to clear this Temp folder or move the File location for Auto-save feature or disable this in the program to prevent the message from appearing when running the program.


To disable this feature:

  • Select Preferences in File menu,
  • Click on Auto-save Settings
  • Uncheck all the options in both Adjust Workspace and Edit Workspace tabs

Purging of system's Temp files is also recommended as this may also cause the other issues in your software. Please refer to the following article about removing of Temp files in Windows system:

How to remove Temp files from Windows


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    DJ d(-_-)b TBOne

    This doesn't help when trying to recover your autosaved files. If you go to the location where they are saved and remove the " .autosave " files one by one, you may be able to recover some files by closing and reopening the program. I hope this helps. (Delete .autosave > close program > open program > repeat as necessary)

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