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Corel Painter 2018 for Windows

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Corel® Painter® 2018
Activate Trial Version of Corel® Painter® 2018



Install Download Version of Corel® Painter® 2018



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  • 1
    Karin Skovlund

    Why is there Corel Painter 2017?  Not updating your  webpages just sends such a bad message of neglect and not caring about your customers

  • 2

    Just wondering how user friendly this software is as I install it.

    As I do, I find I cannot paste the digitally received serial number?!? Really, aren't all purchases digital nowadays?

    So, I'm forced to move the install window to see my serial underneath and manually type the huge serial, except I can't even move the window!

    User friendly?!?  Not so far and I haven't even run it yet!

  • 0
    Doug Pumper

    Agree with lucid, blocking the ability to paste is an idiotic design choice

  • 0
    Mary Roach

    Agree with lucid, the only people who won't object to having to retype the serial number (with all that opportunity for a typo) are people who stole the serial number in the first place.


  • 0
    Michael Faircloth

    I copy pasted the serial number in just fine, without any issues.  Not sure why this did not work for you all.  Also for the comment by Karin, all the information on this page that I see is 2018.  So perhaps Corel heard your words and fixed it?  Hope this helps.

    Edited by Michael Faircloth
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