How to move or change the position of a character in a text using the Shape Tool

Artistic Text and the Shape Tool

Artistic text is useful for adding single words or short lines oftext, such as headlines, to a document. You can then apply a wide range of effects to the artistic text, such as drop shadows or a contour.

One way of making an artistic text is by using the Shape Tool. By using the Shape Tool, you will be able to change the position or alignment of a single charater on your text. You can jumble text of your design or just make a simple text stand out.

How to use the Shape Tool:

1. Click on the Shape Tool on the toolbar that is on the left hand side or press F10 on your keyboard.

  • You will see that the text will have a small square at the lower-left corner of each character after you clicked on theShape Tool.


2. Click and drag the small square under the character you want to move or re-position.

  • You can press the SHIFT key on your keyboard if you want to select multiple characters or to select a nonconsecutive characters.


  • You can press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard if you are positioning a character vertically without making any horizontal movements. This is good if you want to customize the space between the characters of your text or paragraphs.

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