Accessibility features in WordPerfect Office - Part 2

Accessibility features in Presentations™

As part of the WordPerfect Office suite, Presentations™ offers many of the same accessibility features available in WordPerfect. One such feature is its compatibility with Microsoft® IntelliMouse®, which provides easy access and intuitive control of your environment. Another convenient feature is zooming to a specific area of a slide.



Using Microsoft® IntelliMouse® to zoom in and out
Hold down Ctrl, and do one of the following:
  • Rotate the Microsoft IntelliMouse wheel backward to zoom in.
  • Rotate the Microsoft IntelliMouse wheel forward to zoom out.

Using Microsoft® IntelliMouse® to scroll

Double-click a slide, and do one of the following:
  • Rotate the Microsoft IntelliMouse wheel forward to scroll horizontally.
  • Rotate the Microsoft IntelliMouse wheel backward to scroll vertically.


You can also scroll horizontally by holding down Shift and rotating the IntelliMouse wheel in the direction you want to scroll.

To adjust the Zoom level

1. Choose View &ggt; Zoom.
2. In the Zoom dialog box (see below), enable a magnification option.
3. Click OK.

Accessibility features in Quattro Pro®

Quattro Pro® shares with all the other WordPerfect Office applications multiple built-in features that enhance accessibility and make tasks more efficient. Some of these features let you customize the magnification level of cells, the font size and style within cells, and the font size within a Help topic.


Zooming in on cell data

1. Select a cell or cells.
2. Choose View > Zoom.
3. In the Zoom dialog box, enable the Selection option.
4. Click OK.

Changing the size of toolbar buttons

1. Click Tools > Customize.
2. In the Options dialog box, click the plus sign (+) beside Customization and select Toolbar.
3. In the Toolbar area, select a toolbar.
4. In the Size area, select Small, Medium, or Large from the Button list box.
5. Click OK.

Changing the font size in a Help topic

1. In the Help window, click Options > Font.
2. Click one of the following font sizes:
Small — decreases the font size
Normal — sets the default font size
Large — increases the font size

Assigning a shortcut key for easy keyboard access

1. Click Tools > Customize.
2. Click the plus sign (+) beside Customization and select Commands.
3. In the Commands area, select All (Show All items) from the drop-down list (see below).
4. Click the Binoculars icon  to search for a control.
5. In the Find Text dialog box, enter Decimal in the Find What box.
The Change Decimal Place control is now selected.
6. In the Find Text dialog, click Close.
7. Click the Shortcut Keys tab.
8. In the New Shortcut Key box, type the keys you want to use for the shortcut. (For example, Ctrl+Alt+D.)


9. Click Assign.
The new shortcut key appears in the Current Shortcut Keys list box.
10. Click OK.

To use your new shortcut key

1. Type a number in a cell and select the cell.
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+D, or whichever combination of keys you've used in the previous procedure.
3. The Change Decimal Place control appears by your mouse pointer and lets you enter the number of decimal places without lifting your hands from the keyboard.
4. Enter the number of decimal places.
5. Click Enter.

Support for assistive technologies in WordPerfect® Office

In addition, the ASCII text version of the online Help makes it easy for assistive technologies, such as text-to-speech readers, to interpret the information.

To access WordPerfect® documentation in ASCII text format

1. Insert the WordPerfect Office CD into the CD drive.
2. From the Windows® taskbar, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel.
If your operating system is Windows® XP, click Start > Control Panel.
3. Double-click the Add/Remove programs icon.
If your operating system is Windows XP, click the Add or remove programs link.
4. Choose WordPerfect Office from the Currently installed programs list.
5. Click Change/Remove.
> If you see two separate buttons, click Change.
6. In the installation wizard, enable the Modify option.
7. Click Next.
8. Double-click WordPerfect Office > Utilities > Accessible Help files.
9. Select the files, and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.


The files are installed in the following location: Program files\WordPerfect Office 12\Shared\Help.


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