Activating InterVideo® DVD XPack and other InterVideo® products

If you have purchased an InterVideo® Electronic Software Download (ESD) / TBYB, you will received an email containing the download links and the license key to unlock the software.


1. Launch the trial version of the product you wish to activate. You will be prompted to activate your product. Select "I have already purchased...would like to activate/reactivate now" and press Continue.

2. You will need to use the email and password used in the product purchase. Enter the requested details accordingly making sure there are no blank spaces.

3. Refer the order email for the license key. To avoid errors, use the Copy and Paste method in entering the license key.

4. Enter the last 4 digit of your credit card that was used in the order. If you purchased the product using PayPal, please enter 0000 instead of the last 4 digit in your card.

If you purchased your product more than 10 days ago, please call Corel to obtain a new license key:


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