Arching Text in CorelDRAW

One technique that can come in handy in CorelDRAW is arching text, which will make the text appear as if it curves around a circle.

To arch a text in CorelDRAW, please follow these steps:

(1) Select the "Eclipse" tool while in CorelDRAW. Click and drag the cursor while holding the "CTRL" key. This ensures the circle stays in dimension. Letting go results in an oval-shape design.

(2) Type what you want to be placed on an arch. Select the text and click the "Text" tab on the toolbar. Click "Fill Text to Path."

(3) Click the circle with the mouse. The text is placed around the top of the circle, giving it an arch look.

(4) Open the text property bar, which can be found in the "Effects" tab. This enables you to manipulate the spacing and size of the lettering, as well as the distance between each letter.


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