Preparing banners for printing


With the new Border and Grommet dialog box in CorelDRAW, you can add borders and grommet markers to prepare banners for printing. Grommets are rings or edge strips inserted into holes through thin material such as textile fabric or composite of carbon fiber. Strings or ropes can be inserted through the grommets to stretch a banner properly.

Borders can be used in two ways. You can add a border to a design that has important graphic or text elements around the edges to prevent cutoffs in the final banner. Alternatively, you can add a border that can be folded before placing the grommets to make the banner edges sturdier.

CorelDRAW lets you add borders that have the page background color or a solid color of your choice. You can also stretch or mirror the document edges to add a border. You can specify the border size, which is the height of the area added to the top and bottom of the document and the width of the area placed to the right and left of the document.

You can specify the size and number of the grommet markers, and you can place them within the boundaries of the original page or in the border areas. In addition, you can specify the margin — the distance from the grommet edge to the page edge. Grommet markers can be placed in the corners or along the top, bottom, left and right edges of the design. With this placement method, you can specify the number of grommet markers to be added vertically and horizontally. You can also add grommet markers by specifying the approximate space between them.
CorelDRAW saves your changes to a new document, which can be sent for printing, leaving the original document unchanged.

To prepare a banner design for printing

  1. Click Tools > Border and Grommet.
  2. Perform a task from the following table.'Bold text'


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