Choosing a Painting Workflow in Painter 12

Choosing a Painting Workflow in Painter 12

CorelPainter includes a wide array of tools and features that allow you to create original artwork. Here are the two most-common workflows that CorelPainter allow you to work in to create stunning images and art.

Workflow 1: Photo Painting

Using CorelPainters powerful cloning tools, you can quickly transform a digital photo into a painting.

The photo (left) was cloned (right) to begin the painting process.

'Workflow step

Open a photo for painting
2.Prepare a photo for cloning
3.Paint the clone
4.Save the photo painting

You can also create a photo painting by using the Auto-painting feature. The Auto-Painting feature can be accessed by selecting:

  • WindowAuto-Painting PanelsAuto-painting
  • In the Auto-Painting panel, enable the Smart Stroke Painting check box

If you want the paint strokes to adjust automatically in size, length, and pressure to areas of greater detail, enable the Smart Settings check box

  • In the Auto-Painting panel, adjust the Speed slider to control the speed at which brush strokes are applied
  • Click on the Play button
  • Click the Stop buttonwhen done

Workflow 2: Start with a blank canvas

You can also start a project from scratch by choosing a paper texture and a brush, and applying color to the canvas.

You can start with a blank canvas (left) and use your imagination, and the Corel Painter tools, to create a work of art.


1.Choose a paper texture
2.Choose a brush
3.Choose a color
4.Apply a brushstroke to the canvas

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