Corel Canon Applications Activation

This document walks through the steps for activation of the Corel Applications Disc that comes with some Canon cameras.


The activation boxis accessed in one of two ways.


1) Through the installation of the program:The installation of the application will show this activation window automatically whenever the installation completes.

2) Manually accessing the activation program: If for some reason the activation window terminated prematurely, you may access it by running the "active" executable located in "...\Program Files\Corel\Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5.6 ". The icon for this executable is light blue and carries the image of a key.

You can access this manually through:

1. Open "My Computer" from your desktop or the Start Menu. (On Windows Vista, this will simply be "Computer" and not "My Computer")

2. This window will show the Hard Disk Drives mounted on your computer, among other things. Open the drive youve installed the applications to (typically this is the "C" drive) by double clicking on that drive.

3. Open the Program Files folder located on this drive.

4. Open the Corel folder located inside the Program File folder.

5. Open the Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5.6 folder located inside the Corel folder.

6. Launch the "active" program you see here. The icon will be blue with a key on it. This will bring up the same activation window shown above.

Click on the "Get activation code from Internet" and scroll down on that page, you will see a sign-in option and an account creation option.


Signing in



Signing in requires a Ulead-specific account in addition to the Canon cameras Validation ID.

Creating an Account



If you do not have a Ulead Account, or cannot sign in, you can create one using the other link, entering in the requested information, including the Canon cameras Validation ID.

Note:Some customers have reported not seeing the drop-down options beside the "Country" entry. If this occurs, please refresh the page and the drop-down should appear. In Internet Explorer, this is done by pressing the "F5" key on your keyboard.

The Validation ID can be found in two locations: on the Canon Record of Purchase card or on a sticker behind the battery pack for the camera which can be seen when you remove the battery.

Once you have either signed in or created an account, you will see the your Activation Code on the following page.

You can copy this code and paste it into the box in the Corel Product Activation window, and then click on Activate to complete.

You will then get a message saying that the installed applications have been activated succesfully.


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