How can I combine images, create Collages, Panoramic pictures or Scrapbook layouts?

To create a collage or manually stitch images together do the following:

  • If you are going to stack images, note the accumulative pixel height of the images, as this value will be used for the creation of your new blank template image. If you were going to paste the images side by side, you would then calculate the accumulative Width.

Determine the pixel size of your image using Image | Image Information.

The same principle (calculating the accumulative width or height of one or more images) would be in effect for any number of images.

First create the blank image template that will house the other images you wish to combine:

Click File (menu) | New

In the New Image dialogue you can set the Width and Height in the appropriate units. You can also set the appropriate Resolution (print: 200-300, email or web: 72-96) and the background color by taking the check out of Transparent and clicking in the Color box to choose the appropriate background (Color, Gradient, Pattern or Texture for the currently selected color).

  • For more information on creating images from scratch click on Help | Help Topics | Contents | Getting Images into Paint Shop Pro| Creating Images. Click OK and you will have your template or "Destination Image" (as this is in fact an image though it is blank). For scrapbook layouts, now is typically when you could use the Flood Fill tool to fill this image with a given Color, Texture or Pattern of your choice. You can click on the Image menu and add a Frame or Border as well. Knowledge of how to use the Materials Palette is necessary for using Colors, Textures, Patterns and Gradients. For details on this, click on Help | Help Topics | Contents | Working with Colors and Materials.

To combine the images:

  1. Open the pictures you would like to paste into your newly created blank image template.
  2. Click on Windows (menu) | Tile Vertically so you may see all of your images (as opposed to some being stacked on top of one another).
  3. Click on the first in the series then click Edit | Copy.
  4. Click on the blank image then click Edit | Paste As | New Layer.
  5. Click on the Deform Tool to position and scale (size) your image as you wish within the Destination Image. The Deform tool is the 3rd tool down from the top. Click on this and what you see for its icon (the appearance the icon) will appear around your pasted image. Right click, hold and drag any corner to scale (resize) the image. Left click, hold and drag the various handles to see the result (Ctrl + Z to undo). When using the Deform Tool, Right clicking maintains the aspect ratio of the image, while Left clicking will allow you to skew the image.

As you paste additional content as new layers, it is critical to note what layer contains what object and how to access a given layer. Understanding how to do this will allow


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