How do I format multiple Quattro® Pro spread sheets at once?


When editing large notebooks in Quattro® Pro, the same formatting can be applied to several (or all) of the worksheets within a notebook. By using Quattro Pro's Group Mode feature, a group of worksheets within a notebook can be edited simultaneously.

Create a group containing the sheets to be formatted.

  1. Create the group of worksheets that will be formated.
  2. Choose Insert | Name | Group Of Sheets to open the Define/Modify Group dialog box.
  3. Enter a group name, and then assign first and last sheets in the group.
  4. Click OK to save the group.
  5. Select View/Group Mode.
  6. Changes can now be made to one sheet and they'll be applied to all the sheets in the group. If the changes are to affect only one sheet in a group, turn off the Group Mode feature by selecting View/Group Mode again.


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