How do I merge a spreadsheet into WordPerfect®?

To merge a spreadsheet into WordPerfect® you first need to have the spreadsheet already set up. Then you need to create a form file in WordPerfect with the spreadsheet set as the data source. Finally you have to merge that form file with the spreadsheet database.

To perform a merge with a spreadsheet, NOTE: These steps assume a Corel® Quattro® spreadsheet is already set up with information in it.

• Open up Word Perfect to a new document (or new label if you are making labels)

• Click on Tools and select Merge

• Click on Form Document

• Choose Create Form Document...

• Choose “Use file in active window” and click OK

• In the next screen choose data source as “no association”

• Click OK. This will bring you back to the first merge window we saw

• Click on Data source

• Click Quattro Pro File.

• Choose your spreadsheet you created earlier that you want to merge in and click Select button

• Click Cancel on the merge window (or hit the 'X' on the top right corner of this dialog box)

• The Merge toolbar now appears at the top of the document. It contains the buttons "Insert Field, Insert Merge Code, Merge, Go to Data, Options"

• Click Insert Field

• In the box that comes up it will list fields that will have names similar to the names for the first row of data in each column of your spreadsheet data file

NOTE: If the names did not come up properly, you may need to add a header row with titles in Quattro Pro

• Choose the appropriate fields one at a time that you wish to include in your merge in the location that you want that field to appear by clicking on a field name and click on the "Insert" button

• When you are done choosing all the fields click on the close button

• Adjust the fields you just inserted to however you want them to look, including formating, on your page

• When you are done click on the Merge button

• In the merge window that comes up click the Merge... button

• Your spreadsheet should then be merged into your form


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