How To: Resize images in Photo Album 7

How to resize images in Corel Photo Album 7

When you open up Photo Album 7, you will see the welcome screen which offers various option to choose from. In order to resize a photo first choose the option: “Go to Browse mode”

While in Browse mode you will have the ability to search through the directories on your system
containing images. These images will appear as thumbnails inside the main window.

When you have chosen the photo you wish to work on simply double-click that thumbnail to
expand it. The photo you have double clicked will now take up the majority of the screen.

Now that the photo has been selected you can click on the Edit tab at the top of the screen to
view further options: Click on the Resize Photo option at the bottom of the list.

The “Resize Photo” dialog box will now appear on the screen and allow you to enter in new
size information for the photo.

After resizing the image to the desired specifications, click OK and the image will be resized.

Please note: the “Lock Aspect Ratio” should always remain checked if you wish to make sure
that the photo keeps it’s original shape after being resized.

In order to make sure the changes to the photo are permanent, choose to save or “save as”
from the main File menu.


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