How to adjust the 15 minute limit duration when uploading a video on YouTube in VideoStudio Pro X5



When uploading more than 15 minutes of video project in VideoStudio Pro X5, there is an error message that limits the upload on Youtube to a 15-minute duration, informing you that the project would be trimmed. This is because Youtube limits most accounts to uploading videos of a maximum of 15 minutes in length.

To change this setting':'

  1. Close VideoStudio Pro X5.
  2. Go to Start menu and type the following in the search field (Run command on Windows XP): %programfiles%
  3. Hit the enter key to launch the Program Files directory.
  4. In the Program Files directory, go to: Corel\Corel VideoStudio Pro X5or Corel\Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X5
  5. In the Corel VideoStudio folder, go to this folder: Ulead.dat
  6. In the Ulead.dat folder, open the YouTube.ini file with Notepad.

Notice the first few lines in this file:



0 = localize by application

; 1 = localize by system default language ID


 ; 2 = localize by user default language ID




The default value of MAX_LIMIT_FILE_DURATION_MIN is set to 15. This value is in Minutes. Change the value to your desired Maximum Video Duration.

Save the YouTube.ini file and re-launch VideoStudio Pro X5.


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