Error: Create Overlay Failed

After installing Xpack you now receive an error message Create Overlay Failed when trying to play a DVD movie

Step 1 Check your video card drivers

1. Click "Start"

2. Select "Control Panel"

3. Select "System" or if you are in category view select "Performance and Maintenance" and then select "System"

4. Click on the "Hardware" tab

5. Click "Device Manager"

6. Double click on "Display adapters"

This is where you will see the name of your video card. If the name is "Standard VGA adapter" means that you do not have a Video card driver installed and will need to find out what model of video card you have and download the driver for it.

If you have an brand name PC (e.g. HP, Compaq or Dell) go to their web site and look up the drivers for your system and the display or Video card drivers should be posted.

If there is a name other then "Standard VGA adapter" (e.g. Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon) this means that you do have drivers installed but can be out of date. Go to the manufactures web site and see if they have posted any updates for your model of Video Card.

Step 2 Direct X is out of date

Direct X could be out of date, the best thing to do is to run the update tool from

Click Here


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