I setup my page definition but I still can't print to my manual feeder from WordPerfect

When trying to print from WordPerfect® to a tray in your printer other than the default, you might notice that WordPerfect is not printing to the proper tray, even after setting up a page definition within WordPerfect. You may even go to the printer properties from within WordPerfect and force it to print to a different tray, yet it still only prints to the default tray.

NOTE: This article assumes that you have already setup your page definitions properly. If you have not, please refer to article . This can happen if the driver for your printer does not allow to Automatically Select a printer tray, thus allowing the WordPerfect page definitions to do their job. This issue may be addressed by downloading the latest printer driver from your printer manufacturer. As a workaround, go to the printer properties from WordPerfect and select the page definition from within your driver.

  • From WordPerfect, click on File and select Print
  • Make sure that your printer is selected and click on Properties
    NOTE: At this point you are at a screen for your printer driver; depending on which printer is selected, the screen you see might differ from other drivers
  • Click on the Advanced button
  • Under the Paper selection, make sure that the paper matches the type of paper you are trying to print. Also, make sure that the orientation is correct as well (example, envelopes may be printing in Portrait Mode rather than Landscape)
  • Click OK to return to your driver screen
  • Click OK to return to WordPerfect
  • Click Print to print your document
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