Import Failed Error When Inserting A Presentations X6 (*.shw) Document in Corel PDF Fusion

When inserting a Presentations X6 (*.shw) document in Corel PDF Fusion, you will receive the following error message below:  

Document import for ‘document.shw’ Failed with error : no filter available for this file type.


There is a compatibility Issue between shows created in Presentations X6 and Corel PDF Fusion. Presentations shows(*.shw) created from Presentation version 6.0 to X3 are the only compatible versions with Corel PDF Fusion. 


(1)   First, convert the show to a Presentation Slide Show 3.0 which is also a *.shw format.

(2)   Open the saved *.shw file in PDF Fusion.

(3)   You can now open .shw format presentation without any error prompt.

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