Load from Stream Error with Videostudio X2

1. When I try to access the library on my VideoStudio Pro x2 programme, my PC crashes and a small window with the words "Load from stream error" appears.
2. When I try to create a video, the "load from stream error" appears at the end of the operation and my PC crashes.  Nevertheless, the video is successfully created.Here are a few possible suggestions/solutions:

1. This will resolve your Video Studio X2, 'Load From Stream Error':

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Application Data\Ulead Systems\Ulead VideoStudio\12.0\ and delete


When you restart VideoStudio it should recreate them and restore the various factory set thumbnails.

2. Take a look in the Tools section of your Videostudio Programme and look for an option in the library manager section of resetting the library. This immediately empties the library of all the folders that were clogging it up and the "load from stream error" disappears.

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