Sound is missing from parts or all of a created DVD disc.

A project that has sound both when previewing the project, and when in a created video file, may not have any sound in a finished DVD.

When creating the DVD (after clicking on the "Share" tab, and clicking on "Create Disc"), there will be three buttons at the bottom left of the new window.

1. Click on the "Project Settings" button (which has a gear icon on it).
2. In the "Project Settings" window, place a checkmark next to "Treat MPEG audio as non-DVD compliant"

NTSC DVD players are required to work with LPCM and Dolby Digital audio tracks. Only PAL DVD players are required to also work with MPEG audio tracks. Most NTSC DVD players will not be able to properly handle MPEG audio tracks.

For NTSC DVDs, we want to make to sure that MPEG audio is converted because it may not be ready for playback in most players that it will be used in.

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